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August 2019
Directors: Connie Jensen and Mike Jensen

Comments from our audience:

Hard work, enthusiasm and conviction are all very evident in this production of an often confusing play. The programme notes, colour coding of the thanes, and the handling of the script made it far clearer who was who, and how they related to each other and the politics, than some professional productions I’ve seen. Well done all!
Julia Mary Newsome

We visited the John Peel Theatre in Wigton tonight, as one of Wigton’s ABC Councillors, and saw their version of Macbeth.
My education didn’t do much Shakespeare, I vaguely remember A Taming of the Shrew and that’s it, so Macbeth was a bit of a leap into the dark.
The cast and crew in the background did a really good job, showed their determination to bring a difficult play (I’m told) to a new audience, including those who didn’t have a clue like me.
Pure dedication from a marvellous community asset like this shouldn’t be ignored & we need to ensure we retain it.
Two more nights to go and some tickets available so take it from me it’s worth a visit.
Well done Connie Jensen and all concerned!!
Cllr Alan Pitcher - Wigton & Woodside - Allerdale

Wow such an amazing performance by all last night. Awesome. Stunning. Fresh. Well done all. If you weren't in the audience last night, make sure you go tonight or tomorrow and you'll see what I mean. Powerful.
Avril Hemsley-Rose

It was a fantastic performance.
Gayle Warwick

Well done to all involved in the production of Macbeth. Some very talented individuals. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.
‎John McDowall‎

A huge thank you to all of the cast and crew for a stunning performance of Macbeth this evening. Trinity School staff and students thoroughly enjoyed their first visit to the John Peel Theatre - such a valuable opportunity for us. We are also very excited about the prospect of future opportunities to work with you!
‎Gill Barker‎, Trinity School
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