John Peel Theatre

The Little Theatre at the Heart of Wigton

Our Next Production:
A Midsummers Night's Dream

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President: Melvyn Bragg



Our Facilities:

Proscenium arch theatre

90 raked seats

Wheelchair access

Induction loop

Licensed bar

Real coffee

Ice cream & snacks


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Registered Charity No: 1178881

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Melvyn Bragg

Current Officers
Co-Chairs: Aaron Cockbain & Kate Jensen
Treasurer: Angela Cant
Secretary: Katy Haigh
Membership Secretary: Kate Jensen
Designated Safeguarding Lead: Georgia Campbell
Venue Hire Manager: Aaron Cockbain
Bookings Manager: Kate Jensen
Health & Safety: Aaron Cockbain & Kate Jensen
Front of House Manager: Connie Jensen
Technical Manager: Aaron Cockbain
Stage Manager & Technician: Robin Wilson
Wardrobe: Angela Cant
Props: Robin Wilson
Website: Kate Jensen
Committee Members
Maxine Noble

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: David Ross
Technical Assistants: Matthew Ellwood and Toby Clayton
Disability Champion: Colin Dipple
External Site Manager: John Haywood
Purchasing Manager: David Haigh

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If you have any information about past members you can share with us, please contact us
Past Presidents
Mary Housby (Life Member)
Robert Hill
John Donelly

Past Chairs
Connie Jensen
Dean Ostle
Liz Chapman
Ken Allen
Jeff Phillips
Joe Grainger
Dr. Tom Dolan
Tom Hadwin
John Housby
Jack Martin (Life Member)
Alex Brogden (Founder)
Founder Members
Alex Brogden (Chair)
Edith Brogden (Secretary)
Jack Martin
Graham Tweedle (Committee)
Mrs Morgan
Mary Park
Marjorie Holt (Committee)
Edith Pattinson
Sally Hadwin (Treasurer)
Tom Hadwin
Mary Housby (Committee)
John Housby
Dr. Tom Dolan (Committee)
Rowland Eames
Doreen McGuffie
Dorothy Hamilton (Committee)
William Aitken
Geoffrey Temple
Robert Postlethwaite
Elizabeth Lloyd

In Memoriam

Our Company, our Theatre Family, is bereft. We have lost not just one, but two of our own. First lovely Rosalie, and now our beloved Catherynn. Our audiences are going to miss her love, her laughter, her big voice and her big heart. Her death rips a huge gaping hole in our fabric which will never be filled, but we are so much richer for having known and loved her.

"Now boast thee, Death, in thy possession lies
A lass unparalleled."

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Catherynn Dunstan
1970 - 2021
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Rosalie Paver
1946 - 2021
I do not feel funny, today
All my good humour has gone away
Overnight I lost a friend,
A beautiful life brought to an end.
A sister, daughter, wife and mother
This hateful virus claims another
One too young too soon to go
Denied the chances to know
The men her sons will grow to be
How they will fill their destiny.
The theatre will no longer ring
To the sound of a voice given chance to sing
Her laughter and spirit, her great sense of fun
We must be saddened and let tears run
But remember this lady for all that she was
For the joy and the love and the smiles because
She will never be gone, will always be near
Thank you and sleep now, Catherynn my dear.

Colin Dipple
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Ken Allen
1933 - 2001