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Mad About the Girl
July 2015
Director: Ben Dixey
This play, performed at the lovely little John Peel Theatre in Wigton, was a concept by young members of the club, and was written by professional writer and club member Owen Lightburn who now lives in Manchester.

The play tells the story of young GCSE students who are due to perform ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ as part of their exam. The four young players, all talented actors were Chloe Lawler as Claire, director Ben Dixey as Bobby, Kate Jackson as Katie and Daniel Lumb as school rugby hero Dean, who becomes a very reluctant member of the cast, the final member of the cast is Alison Lewis playing Bobby’s mother, Angela.

The play starts off in rehearsal for the school production. Claire is the director and is very bossy towards Bobby and Claire, and we soon establish that Bobby has a massive crush for Claire, and Katie has an equally massive crush on Bobby. Dean joins the cast, albeit very reluctantly and is soon dating Claire, much to the disgust of Bobby. We are carried through the trials and tribulations of loves young dream, with intervention and advice from Bobby’s mother along the way.

Eventually after many fall outs and arguments between the young cast it all comes right in the end and the play ends with the cast waiting back stage for their big entrance.

This is a very funny play from talented writer Owen and the young cast certainly do it justice. It was very enjoyable from start to finish, so congratulations to everyone concerned.

A personal thank you to Wigton Theatre Club for your invitation and hospitality and for an extremely enjoyable evening.

Ed McGee 15th July 2015. NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association)

A World Premier
Wigton Theatre goers acknowledged Mad about the Girl with a standing ovation for the cast, author, director and all those involved in this memorable production.

Owen Lightburn wrote a script worthy of any theatre and Ben Dixey, soon to be off to Uni in Manchester, directed this compelling drama with a light but steady hand.

The four talented young players, plus one ‘oldy’, cleverly wended their way through a script laced with witticisms - blended perfectly into the narrative. Truth to tell the scene where mother and son – Ben Dixey as Bobby and Alison Lewis playing Angela his mother, for sure reminded mothers in the audience of those moments of truth with their offspring.

Combined with these two strong performances, Chloe Lawler as Claire, Kate Jackson playing Kate and Daniel Lamb taking the part of Dean also shone as gauche teenagers and their relationships with each other.

The story follows the four young people preparing for the Drama GCSE Exam and the strain of attempting to portray A Street Car Named Desire.

Which one of the boys would take the part Malone Brando made his own? Kate was to be Blanche a la Vivienne Leigh or was she?

Strain, frustration and burgeoning, intense, sexual feelings combined to strain friendships to boiling point almost reflecting the drama they were attempting to act out.

Sparkling touches laced through this inspired and powerful play brought hope that it would, please, be repeated in the future. Okay so Ben is off to Uni and Daniel to Ireland, but perhaps some gentle persuasion will bring them back for a reprise!

Wigton Theatre Club with its excellent refurbishment programme and committed membership is well worth our support and thanks.

Mary Heslam 24th July 2015. Cumberland News
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